Why Hire Us?

Lammas Incrementum deliver a unique service tailored individually to specific campaigns. Promoting a positive customer experience at every stage of interaction. By considering both the clients desires and the customer’s needs a finely tuned campaign is developed.
Lammas Incrementum are firm on one aspect though, all our promotions are on a face to face basis, taking the direct approach has allowed us to develop consumer relationships with brands, providing our clients with a long term customer base. Our campaigns are fun, lively, interactive and a great opportunity to bring a product to life where it matters.


Client Expectations

Our culture is contagious, we deliver on all areas and our goal is to deliver exceptional service along the way. With live market research relayed from our team of elite brand ambassadors, we expect the same from your after sales care team. If there are areas we can improve the sales pipeline, we are all ears. With localised promotions one of the perks include the ability to adapt approaches to best suit a specific market. With a guaranteed ROI we aren’t afraid to get stuck in, our hands on approach fits all industries.


Understanding a customer base better

In our eyes the customer is always right. With the direct contact and influence it is easy for us to engage with a customer base, assist with any queries and create product demonstrations where needed. By assisting your customers in highlighting the solutions available as a result of choosing a product or service, the product sells itself. Customer relationships are fragile, and with your own dedicated team of brand ambassadors, your customers will feel important and be able to have their voice. Face to face interactions build trust. And with social media campaigns on the increase it is important to maintain a personal platform for the consumer to access.


Building Strong Client Relations

Our client relations are crucial to our success. With a portfolio of happy clients, our service speaks for itself. By reducing pressures on internal teams, our client representatives take away all the pressure of the ground level sales and promotions. With several approaches available we favour events and promotions as an avenue to the consumer, although B2B and B2C campaigns are available. Our campaigns sit on solid foundations of communication and understanding of goals, we have never under achieved on any campaigns.


Customer Focused

Our team is coached to be customer ready, delivering service and knowledge to the curious customer. We have large goals to maximise our clients market share and believe it is our attention to detail that will separate us from the competition. We have a proven track record of working with large and small clients delivering above and beyond expectation every time.


Quality Vs Quantity

Our results are measurable daily, we deliver new customers from day one. With many outsourcing firms often wanting companies to choose either volume or quality we deliver both. A lasting customer in a high volume. Our strategies suit both and large and small clients. Lammas Incrementum believe that quantity and quality should hold an even keel and pride themselves on the services they provide. Glasgow has been a fantastic base for business and look forward to venturing into new markets in the future.