Rory McLeod


Meet our Managing Director

After graduating in sport and exercise science I decided to follow a career in the oil and gas industry after moving to Canada with a friend.

I then followed the industry to Australia to pursue my goal of travelling and seeing the world. After a couple of years there I moved back to the U.K to pursue a career in the industry. Whilst working in the U.K the oil and gas industry took a massive downturn which forced me to think about changing my career plans. I began working in the sales and marketing industry in Edinburgh in October 2015.

I had zero experience in the marketing and sales field but thanks to the dedicated and talented group of people I had the fortune of working with, and the incredible training I received from the company, I was able to gain all of the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to run my own business in the industry.

I am particularly excited to be part of an industry with incredible expansion opportunities, and I look forward to establishing Lammas Incrementum as a leading direct marketing company in the UK.