Lammas Incrementum’s top tips to climb the career ladder

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With business development at the core of Lammas Incrementum’s business philosophy, the event-marketing specialists have shared their top tips to climb the corporate career ladder. Managing Director, Rory McLeod is passionate about helping his contractors to develop and achieve their goals, and actively encourage their workforce to push their limits, learn new skills and climb the corporate ladder.

Lammas Incrementum places a high amount of effort into its internal business development program, offering opportunities to their entire workforce. The company encourages their contractors to develop the ability to “self-manage, inspire creativity and match it all with an unstoppable work ethic.” The firm boasts a culture that ‘breeds’ success’ and helps its brand ambassadors to grow with the company.

The company breaks down their support of the following things to consider when attempting climbing the career ladder, applicable to all industries:

Start with a blueprint in mind: Lammas Incrementum state that recognising goals, setting achievable milestones and deadlines help to create the basis of a blueprint that can be used as a reference throughout.

Work hard and work smart: The company encourages this point within its workforce, stating that every hour counts in the day, managing time and workload is a practical skill that is required to reach the top

Initiate, don’t just execute: Going beyond aspects of the average requirements of a role shows initiative, and dedication to the company, an element that individuals in senior positions notice.  Lammas Incrementum state “be sure to incorporate this into your workload and make sure it works within your timescale.”

Align your efforts with your company’s goals: Keeping up to date with the company’s brand goals ensures an individual’s efforts directly contribute to brand targets, an act Lammas Incrementum encourages with any of their contractors who want to climb to corporate ladder.

Become an expert at something: An individual’s skills should prove invaluable to their company, learn something new and practice. Ensure that this skill is directly applicable to the brand.

Managing Director, Rory McLeod states that “At Lammas Incrementum we encourage all our contractors, if they have the mentality to succeed, we will give them the skills they need to meet their goals and climb the ladder.”



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