About Us

Lammas Incrementum were formed to provide a solution for businesses looking to move away from impersonal marketing strategies.

Lammas Incrementum are an outsourcing solution for brands looking to venture outside of the box. Campaigns will be developed around a brand message, delivering an exciting innovative and eye catching display to launch a brand to the next level. Lammas Incrementum acts as companions in your business, complementing your passion in delivering quality campaigns and working together to generate brand awareness, sales, and increased revenue.
Taking care of all your sales needs including, recruitment of elite brand ambassadors, developing product knowledge, ensuring quality delivery and compliance is addressed daily. The firm guarantee a high ROI.
Glasgow is our base point to manage campaigns for National brands guaranteeing their products and services reach their target audience in an exciting, energetic personal approach, developing a lasting relationship between brand and consumer is the added advantage of utilizing modern even marketing strategies.